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Jamii, Uplift and Cultivate our Community, Inc.


Providing Effective Tutoring to Children

Tutors for 2021-2022

Improving Your Child’s Academic Ability

Jamii, Uplift and Cultivate our Community, Inc. would like to partner with you to meet your child's academic needs. To better meet the needs of the community, we reconstructed the way that we will provide tutoring. We will cover the cost for tutoring sessions for children from 3rd to 6th grade in Spartanburg and Laurens South Carolina. We only ask that the parents secure a tutor and we will pay the tutor $20/hr. 

Our team is dedicated to helping your child excel

academically. Jamii, Uplift and Cultivate Our Community, Inc. believes in fostering the community. The tutors will be able to encourage our children and can consist of local college students, senior high school students or teachers in the local community. We believe tutoring should be centered around your child's legitimate learning needs.

Please contact us information by emailing [email protected]

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